32 years of Creating Luxurious & Exotic Trips !!

About Us

King Tut Tours is a ​leader of world ​w​ide ​air ​, land, and sea​ ​travel and has ​arranged travel and tours spanning the globe for over 31 years Anniversary Jun 2018​.

King ​Tut​ Tours provides first class customer service and travel support across the globe as a company licensed and insured with numerous designations and affiliations both internationally and domestically.

Renowned for helping our travelers live their royal dreams, we can customize the exact travel package you desire:​ ​f​rom exploring the ​mysteries of the Great Pyramids ​in Egypt to walking down ancient cobblestone streets ​in Florence​ to​ flying ove​r​ the glacier​s in Alaska...your adventure awaits!​

King Tut Tours is skilled in large group travel planning and can accommodate business traveling needs. We offer travel agent sales suppor​t​ and​ customized journeys ​throughout the U​.S.​ and across the globe.

Call us for your next​ weekend adventure,​ cruise, family reunion,​ ​honeymoon,​ ​international voyage, or food and wine getaway​ ​​! We can include private luxury accommodations ​ that will capture ​your memories​ for ​a lifetime.

King Tut Tours is located in beautiful Northern California and is a proud member of the ​local​ Chamber of Commerce supporting the community.