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Ann Cantrell Testimonial / King Tut Travel & Tours

Ann Cantrell from Rossmoor Realty won the Live Auction trip donated by King Tut Travel and Tours at the 2005 Chamber Golf Tournament. Here is her testimonial of her 2006 trip.“What a wonderful trip!. My friend and I traveled from Cairo to Abu Simbal, cruised down the Nile and drove to Alexandria. Everyday was packed with wonders to behold. The trip ...


We traveled with King Tut Tours about 4 years ago and were very pleased with the service. We were interested in any tours you might have that would focus more around the Luxor area, Valley of the Kings, and the surrounding area. Do you have any tours that would include these places?Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Cassandra ...

Alan and Ruth

Sorry to be long in getting back to you.. We had an amazing trip, both Jordan and Egypt exceeded our expectations. We put up a few of the 6000 pictures on flickr at - take a look. We truly had a great time. We had a few issues with connections but the agents in Cairo did an amazing job of rescheduling everything to make it ...


Hello Mohamed, Good to hear from you following all the turmoil in Egypt. I hope you and all your family are well. I will certainly enjoy hearing about your interpretation of events sometime soon. Very best regards, and thank you again for the trip of a lifetime.

Richad & Angela

Hello Mohamed and King Tut,
Out trip went well and we thank you for your help.
Richad & Angela


Dear Mohamed,Thank you so much for sending the refund. We all feel we missed something very important but we enjoyed Sharm so much, we didn't want to leave- knowing we would regret it later. The only solution is to go back- and we will with your help. I must apologize for being late in getting a formal letter to you. I promise to get it done in ...

Josie Reyes

Hi Mohamed,First I want to thank you for arranging our trip to Egypt.We had a great time in all the places we visited.The tour guides were excellent and full of knowledge and understanding of the areas they covered.We learned a lot from this type of tour package.Again, thank you so much for such a great time we had in Egypt.take care, and God bless ...


hi mohamed; I am sorry for the delay, butI want to express my gratitude and pleasure to be your guest in Egypt; everything under your direction was fine and always on time. we got a wonderful time and I would recomend you for future friends who want to travel to Egypt . I would like to thanks mohamed in california for booking this tour too. best ...

Tom & Rodger

Our trip to Egypt was amazing.Gazing out from the deck of our boat "Nile Story" as the banks of the Nile slowly pass by, we found it hard to comprehend the fact that 5,000 years of civilization had preceded us.Our periodic stops along the route to visit incredible ancient temples and monuments helped make this fact real.While we loved these sites ...

Josie Reyes

Hi Mo,
I was watching in PBS the 7 Wonders of Ancient Egypt. I'm so blessed to have been to Egypt and be able to say "yes, I've seen it". Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make that travel to Egypt.
Take care,
Josie Reyes

Ann Cantrell

HI ,
Chuck and I had a fabulous time in Egypt. All of your people were wonderful. Thank you for everything. We are telling everyone we know how safe we felt.
Ann Cantrell

Dick and Lynn rezek

Our tour of Cairo which you arranged was wonderful. Our guide, Doaa Essam, was terrific . Despite the very hot weather, we visited the historic sights we intended to see and enjoyed all of them. Doaa was very well informed and educated us well.
Thanks again,
Dick and Lynn rezek

Karen Lochner

Membership Director at Danville Area Chamber of Commerce. Mohamad is willing to take the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the service he provides. He will follow-up to ensure what he says will happen. I recently took a trip to Hawaii and had made a reservation with an on-line service and gave Mohamad the information to upgrade my room. ...

William Sweet

Independent. Mohamed's King Tut Tours is the premier travel and tour company in the East Bay. You can always count on Mohamed to provide a great value for a reasonable price. No travel need is too big or small. His clients are not just customers, they're friends. I highly recommend King Tut Tours for all of your travel and tour needs. June 5, 2011, ...

Robert Landy

Owner, RNL Enterprises. Mohamed has a hands on heart driven approach to making sure his dealings with people are valued and give value.
May 5, 2011,


Mohamed is trustworthy, honest and always provide great prices for all your travel needs. I refer all my clients and friends to him and they are always happy. My family have been using him for over 6 years and it has always been consistent with competitive pricing. Mohamed is the best in his industry and is customer oriented. Give him a try. You ...

Catherine Johnson

Thank you very much for the lovely pictures. Weappreciate receiving this memento of our trip. We thought that the wholeprogram was very well done and enjoyed everything about it. We have beenfollowing the more recent activities in Egypt with great interest. It is abeautiful and storied country and I hope everything turns out well for itscitizens. ...

Narine Kezian

We got back from Egypt very late Saturday night, exhaustedbut full of great experiences and  wonderful memories.This was truly atrip of a lifetime, we all enjoyed it immensely, and thank you for putting ittogether for us.Our main contact in Cairo, Maged Youseff,went out of his way to take good care of us.He called every day, even when we were away ...

Jessica Mildwurm

King Tut Tours did an amazing job planning our trip to Egypt and Jordan! They handled air, daily transportation, guides, and accommodation for us. Every detail was thought of to make sure that we stayed comfortably and see everything we had requested (and more!). The days were well choreographed to make sure that we didn't miss anything. King Tut ...

Alan Mildwurm

My interest in Egypt actually stems as a child from reading a National Geographic article about moving Abu Simbel when building the Aswan dam. Luckily my wife and children share my interest in history. King Tut arranged a perfect tour for us,insuring we saw every monument on our list. We had private guides throughout and each guide and hotel selected ...

Robert Landy

Not only Egypt! We took two European trips in the last two years arranged by King Tut Travel & Tours. We were very happy with the service and attention to detail in arranging our hotels, train. and airline tickets. They particularly know Spain as they have an associate there who afforded us tremendous special care. Last year Paris, Spain and Portugal ...


Thank you so much. Everything was so wonderful. We just got home so the day was long but the memories will last a lifetime. Can't wait to return.
july 2017,

Wallis Marsh

Thank you so much. Everything was so wonderful. We just got home so the day was long but the memories will last a lifetime. Can't wait to return.