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Siwa & Alexandria Detailed Daily Itinerary


Day 1:—Cairo/Alexandria (B/D)

After Breakfast at your hotel in Cairo, Depart early morning to Alexandria. Upon arrival you will visit The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, National Museum, Catacombs of Kom al-Shuqafa, Roman Theater, Pompey’s Pillar, and the Fortress



Of Qaitbey occupying the site of Pharos lighthouse.



Overnight at Hotel 
Day 02:—Sunday—Alexandria/Siwa (B/D)

This morning you will finish visiting sites in Alexandria and then on to El Alamein, the place where the Allied Forces of WWII gained a decisive victory over the Axis



Forces. We will visit the war museum with its collections From the Battle of Alamein and other North African battles. Drive from El Alamin to Siwa Oasis, Arriving in Siwa in time for sunset over the impressive remains of the Ancient fortress town of Shali. 

Siwa was once the most mysterious of all of Egypt’s oases, and it is also the most fascinating. The Siwan people have their own culture and customs and, as well as speaking Arabic, they speak Berber and the people are considered North African rather than Egyptian. Siwa is different, it is not Egyptian and most of the ancient people roamed the coast from Tunisia to Morocco. Woman still wear traditional costumes and silver jewelry. The modern town of Siwa is set among thick palm groves, walled gardens and olive orchards, with numerous freshwater springs and salt lakes all clustered beneath the impressive remains of the ancient fortress town of Shali.



Your hotel in Siwa will be the Siwa Paradise Hotel, set near the incomparable scenery of the Sahara, a rare combination of wilderness and comfort.



Dinner will be at the hotel.



Overnight   Breakfast/Dinner
Day 03:—Siwa Oasis (B/D)

After breakfast, your morning will begin with a drive on the road to Aghurmi, passing through a majestic Palm grove and ending around a bend where a flat rock topped by the ruins of the Temple of the Oracle comes into view.



Built during the 26th dynasty, the temple and its Oracle flourished well into the Greek and Roman periods. It is believed that Alexander the Great consulted the Siwan Oracle Seeking confirmation that he was the son of Zeus, the Greek god of gods. Alexander Returned a second time asking the oracle if he could “pay him divine honors.” The oracle said no.



Cambyses wanted to destroy the Oracle and lost his army somewhere in the vast outreaches of the Western Desert, believed lost in a sand-storm caused by the sacred stone being touched by sacrilegious hands.



The temple is reached by climbing a path up the side of the rock. There are the ruins of a mosque standing over the gate, its minaret still dominating the skyline.



Next, a visit to the most famous of Siwa’s springs, Cleopatra’s Bath, with its bubbling waters. This bath has been mentioned by travelers to Siwa since the days of Herodotus. Legend maintains that Cleopatra swam here when she



Visited the oasis and so, it must be assumed, did Alexander the Great.




Afternoon visit to the Fortress at Shali. Built on a hill inside a protective



Wall, there are three gates from which to gain entrance. The fortress is made of



Mud brick buildings that served the people of the oasis for nearly eight centuries.



The inhabitants lived in narrow quarters, sharing space with their animals, which were herded into the fortress each evening. Huge chunks of salt, prevalent in the oasis, were used in the construction of the fortress, as they helped to strengthen



The walls. Rain has proved to be destructive to the fortress, even more than human invaders, for when the rain falls it dissolves the salt. The fortress was founded in 1203 and abandoned in 1928.



This evening a trip to the market, except for several recently opened kiosks that cater to tourists, the market is a traditional suq.



Overnight at the Siwa Paradise hotel



Day 04—Siwa/Cairo (B)

After breakfast, return to Cairo by private transportation, stopping along the way. 



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